Paint Protection Film

Protect Your Investment!

Paint Protection Film can be a huge asset to your vehicle, especially new vehicles. It will protect the paint to the upmost level and give you, the owner, piece of mind in the event an issue happens. Here at Reflected Images we can custom tailor a film package for you or chose one of our film package options. Here are some quick FAQ about film…

What is PPF?
PPF or Paint Protection Film is a clear polyurethane film that is applied to various areas on a vehicles paint surface to protect from various debris, fallout, rock and stone chips, and can even prevent dents and paint damage.

How is PPF applied?
PPF is applied wet and custom cut to meet the specific sizes of the areas to be covered. The application will not harm any paint or glass surfaces while being installed.

Can a Paint Protection Coating be applied to PPF?
Yes, in fact some film manufacturers recommend installing a coating over top of PPF to help extend the life and durability of the film

PPF Packages:

Vehicle Half Kit: This option will cover the following areas…
• Front bumper and splitters (non-rubberized)
• 18” on Hood
• Fenders match hood
• Mirror caps
• Headlights (if applicable)

Vehicle Full Front: This option will cover the following areas…
• Full Front Bumper and splitters (non-rubberized)
• Full Hood
• Full Fenders
• Mirror Caps
• Headlights (if applicable)
• Front Rocker area
• Rear splash area

Full Vehicle Wrap: This option will cover the entire paint surface…
• The full exterior of the vehicle is wrapped in PPF
• Some restrictions do apply
Please call for quote

PPF A la Carte: Please call or email for a quote…
• Headlights
• Bumper only
• Hood only
• Rockers
• Custom design or non standard

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