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Paint Protection Coatings have become an industry leading way to protect your entire vehicle from the exterior to the interior. Developed with the most discerning auto aficionado in mind, ceramic coatings are the barrier against the elements that you have been looking for. Reflected Images is one of the few Authorized CQuartz Finest installation facilities in the US. We have been installing coatings for over five years and have installed over 300 coatings. Ceramic coatings can be installed on most paint surfaces, including matte finishes. There are coating products for the paint, vinyl, leather, fabrics and glass, which will complete your vehicle from front to back. Here are some quick FAQ about paint protection coatings…

How is a ceramic coating applied?
Coatings are in liquid form that are applied in various ways and methods, but all by hand and with the proper installation pads and towels. Proper procedures ensure exquisite outcomes.

What detail process must be done first?
Reflected Images will only install our ceramic coatings and interior coatings to a vehicle that has been properly prepped by us. Paint must go through a single or multi step correction to ensure proper bonding and longevity of the coating. Interiors must be devoid of contaminants and protectants before applying interior coating products.

Are your coatings IR cured?
Yes, we completely Infrared Heat cure all of the coatings that we install. After the installation process is completed, the coated areas are cured to 150 degrees and left to harden for a minimum of 4 hours untouched.

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