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(Prep and Coating only)

New Car Prep/Ceramic Coating (CQuartz Professional)
Cars: $1350 Trucks/SUV: $1550 Exotic: $1650

  • Proper 5-step Hand Wash and Bath utilizing a ph balanced shampoo to ensure no harm is done to the exterior surfaces

  • All Exterior surfaces are clayed by hand, including wheel faces, to remove stubborn surface contaminants

  • Paint is then inspected and a process is determined

  • Multi-Stage or Single Stage Paint Correction is performed on all applicable surfaces (dependant on surface condition)

  • Multi-Stage or Single Stage Paint Polishing and Jeweling is performed on all applicable surfaces (refines the correction steps and increases depth, gloss and color)

  • CQuartz Professional is applied in 3 thick layers, ensuring proper dry time between coats

  • Wheels are removed, cleaned, polished, CQuartz coating is applied

  • Calipers are cleaned, polished, and CQuartz is applied (some calipers are not applicable)

  • Motor Bay is cleaned and treated with proper chemicals, in some cases coated as well

  • Interior Surfaces are vacuumed, cleaned and treated with CQuartz Interior coatings

  • Leather will be treated according to type

  • Glass is cleaned and protected according

  • Tires are properly treated

  • All exterior surfaces are Infrared Heat Cured to 150° F

  • 2 Year Serial Numbered Warranty

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